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This is more of a documentary than a photo album. Too many pictures, but you will certainly get a feel for the trip.
Departing Norfolk * (25 Slides)
Sailing by the Norfolk Navy Base * (33 Slides)
USS Wisconsin * (14 Slides)
Around the Empress * (59 Slides)
  Departing Norfolk
(25 Slides)

The city of Norfolk is quite proud of their new addition, the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center. And rightly so, it is an excellent facility from which to cruise.
  Sailing by the Norfolk Navy Base
(33 Slides)

The largest navy base in the world, always a lot of interesting sights to see here.
  USS Wisconsin
(14 Slides)

Built during World War II, this is the last of the final four US Battleships ever commissioned. She is now part of the naval museum and open for external tours.
  Around the Empress
(59 Slides)

Many different shots from around the ship
Empress at Dusk * (13 Slides)
Azamara Journey * (10 Slides)
Bermuda * (302 Slides)
Model of the Grandeur of the Seas * (29 Slides)
  Empress at Dusk
(13 Slides)

There is something special about early evening, where you see the fading daylight blend with the emerging shipboard light.
  Azamara Journey
(10 Slides)

Celebrity unveiled this new brand a few months ago. Here are a few shots of Azamara Journey, our pier partner in Bermuda. Also find some shots in the Hamilton at Night folder.
(302 Slides)

Perhaps the most photogenic island in the world... Many pictures in the folders inside.
  Model of the Grandeur of the Seas
(29 Slides)

The Empress holds an intricately detailed model of the Grandeur of the Seas. Published reports claim that this model cost $90,000 dollars to construct. I spent some time one afternoon photographing this amazing work of art.
Show Time * (7 Slides)
  Show Time
(7 Slides)

I only got a few shots from the final show of the cruise, but enough to give you a feel for the atmosphere.
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