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Perhaps the most photogenic island in the world... Many pictures in the folders inside.
Scenes from the water * (108 Slides)
Hamilton * (68 Slides)
Hamilton at Night * (26 Slides)
Spanish Point * (17 Slides)
  Scenes from the water
(108 Slides)

This is the largest folder, containing many scenes of Bermuda from the water. Including as we approached, rode the ferry around the island, and as we departed. The time frame spans our entire time in Bermuda.
(68 Slides)

Scenes from in and around Hamilton, over several days and different kinds of weather and light.
  Hamilton at Night
(26 Slides)

Night photography is a challenge, but often yields excellent results. Here are a few shots taken in and around Hamilton at night.
  Spanish Point
(17 Slides)

A small park on the northern end of the island with a spectacular view of Kings Wharf and the northern channel into Hamilton.
Flatts * (17 Slides)
Bermuda Scenes * (24 Slides)
Kings Wharf - Dockyard * (6 Slides)
St. George's * (25 Slides)
(17 Slides)

My favorite part of Bermuda, and the most photogenic. Amazing scenes here.
  Bermuda Scenes
(24 Slides)

Various scenes from around Bermuda, that generally didn't fit into any of the other folders.
  Kings Wharf - Dockyard
(6 Slides)

This is the westernmost port in Bermuda, and the only one which can handle the newer and larger cruise ships. Didn't spend much time here, but did manage to catch a few shots.
  St. George's
(25 Slides)

Quaint little town on the eastern end of Bermuda. Very picturesque, and the harbor provided many excellent photo opportunities.
Customs Dock * (11 Slides)
  Customs Dock
(11 Slides)

Due to high winds, we could not move to St. George's. Instead, we docked along the customs pier, which provided a series of more practical views of the working Bermuda.
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