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Photos from many different perspectives of Bermuda.
Bus Routes * (26 Slides)
Dockyard * (36 Slides)
Flowers * (9 Slides)
From the Ferry * (33 Slides)
  Bus Routes
(26 Slides)

I rode three different but routes from end to end, caught a few interesting pictures along the way.
(36 Slides)

Various pictures from around the Dockyard / King's Wharf area, where Grandeur of the Seas is docked.
(9 Slides)

Several shots of Bermuda plant life.
  From the Ferry
(33 Slides)

Shots of Bermuda from several different ferry rides between Hamilton and Dockyard.
From the Ship * (34 Slides)
Hamilton * (11 Slides)
St. George's * (45 Slides)
  From the Ship
(34 Slides)

Views of Bermdua from Grandeur of the Seas.
(11 Slides)

Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.
  St. George's
(45 Slides)

Shots from in and around St. George's, the easternmost town on the island.
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