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Departing Baltimore * (8 Slides)
First day at sea - wow! * (39 Slides)
Sunset behind Miami * (18 Slides)
Key West, Florida * (54 Slides)
Cozumel, Mexico * (44 Slides)
  Departing Baltimore
(8 Slides)

10/27/06. We say goodbye to Baltimore for 9 amazing days.
  First day at sea - wow!
(39 Slides)

10/28/06. On Friday night, the captain told us the weather was forecast to be windy and moderate seas. They didn't quite get it right, as we faced 50 to 60 knot winds and 20 to 30 foot seas!
  Sunset behind Miami
(18 Slides)

10/29/06. Several shots taken of the sun setting behind the Miami sky line. These are some of the most incredible sunset shots I have ever taken! Indeed, for having missed Miami due to the weather, we were incredibly fortunate to pass by just in time for this sunset.
  Key West, Florida
(54 Slides)

  Cozumel, Mexico
(44 Slides)

10/31/06. Greeted with showers in the morning, and a total of SEVEN cruise ships in port, Cozumel is a hub of tourist activity, but never disappointing.
Costa Maya, Mexico * (70 Slides)
Port Canaveral, Florida * (49 Slides)
Around the Ship * (38 Slides)
Miscellaneous * (15 Slides)
  Costa Maya, Mexico
(70 Slides)

11/1/06. Fairly new port, here we took an excursion to the Chacchoben Ruins, about 50 miles inland.
  Port Canaveral, Florida
(49 Slides)

11/2/06. A familiar port, with Kenndey Space Center, Ron Jons, and even the odd cousin or two in the area.
  Around the Ship
(38 Slides)

Various pictures taken around the ship during the cruise. Both ship pictures and events.
(15 Slides)

Just a few leftovers. Mostly sunsets.
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